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Delivering proactive risk identification and real-time threat detection across cloud workloads from build-time to runtime — so you can securely conquer the cloud.

Fast growing companies trust Threat Stack to identify threats to their workloads, infrastructure, network, and data.

Reduce Risk of a Breach

Increase visibility and significantly reduce mean time to respond to security incidents

Secure Containerized Environments

Stay secure — regardless of the latest DevOps trend

Achieve Compliance

Prove you’re secure to customers and regulators

How it Works

The Threat Stack Cloud Security Platform® monitors your cloud workloads - analyzing user, system, and file behavior - and alerting you of suspicious activity. For containerized infrastructure, Threat Stack comes with pre-configured rulesets for Docker and Kubernetes, so you’ll get immediate observability across your containers.

“The most compelling piece about Threat Stack is that we were able to greatly simplify the SOC 2 ... certification process by providing Threat Stack as evidence of our security policies in practice.”

Jameel Al-AzizDevOps, Software Engineer